Performance | 30’


In the geological processes of ‘weathering’, rocks deteriorate and break down in smaller pieces as a result of their contact with wind, heat, water, atmospheric gases, and other agents. The new fragments and sediments become potential raw material for other rocks and soil and await for movement to emerge in order to shapeshift. From Wind Through Time To Stone is a more-than-human invitation to explore motion and transformation in multiple timeframes. It is a multilayered playground for intra-acting and co-creating. It is a place to ‘weather-with’ stones, make sense together and, perhaps, find something out.


En los procesos geológicos de ‘meteorización’, las rocas se deterioran y se descomponen en pedazos más pequeños como resultado de su contacto con el viento, el calor, el agua, los gases atmosféricos y otros agentes. Los nuevos fragmentos y sedimentos se convierten en materia prima potencial para otras rocas y suelos, y esperan a que el movimiento emerja para transformarse. From Wind Through Time To Stone es una invitación más-que-humana para explorar el movimiento y la transformación en múltiples marcos temporales. Es un espacio de juego multicapa para intra-actuar y co-crear. Es un lugar para ‘meteorizar-con’ las piedras, buscar sentido juntas y, quizás, descubrir algo.

“Early in an introductory geology course, one begins to understand that rocks are not nouns but verbs—visible evidence of processes: a volcanic eruption, the accretion of a coral reef, the growth of a mountain belt. Everywhere one looks, rocks bear witness to events that unfolded over long stretches of time. ”

Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save The World
Marcia Bjornerud

“Just as the microscope and telescope extended our vision into spatial realms once too minuscule or too immense for us to see, geology provides a lens through which we can witness time in a way that transcends the limits of our human experiences.”

Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save The World
Marcia Bjornerud

concept & choreography 
Feli Navarro

performers, light, sound & video
Clàudia Ferrando
Clio Van Aerde
Feli Navarro
Lisa Hofmann
Mar Esteban Martín
Tania González

technical assistance
Maja von Kriegstein

dramaturgical assistance
Matthias Quabbe

Fenia Kotsopoulou

Home of Performance Practices

presented at
ArtEZ University of the Arts - Arnhem, NL

thanks to
Ángela Rodríguez
R. Suhonen
Eleftheria Sokratous
Niki Christoforidou
QiQi Zheng
Karolina Rupp